please read stand still stay silent also play tales of zestiria to support the gay agenda
also if you think i care that that lobster person icon saved twice, you don't know me or my life
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watch us please!

pop the corns and feed the children )
batch of webcomics i read + misc. please read bff and stand still stay silent b/c you love me
gonna post xillia + screencap stuff tomorrow maybe
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bring on the gaybies )
i admit these are gross
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professional lietpol trash )
[ does a wicked kickflip ]
[ the crowd goes wild ]
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backstreet's back alright )
18 December 2013 @ 03:42 am
❥ as always, tell me if people don't want their shit used
❥ watch if you like stuff
❥ if i opened icon commissions would you buy some?? i mean like i'll make you 15 icons for a dollar, two for colouring, i am a broke ass bitch right now.
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pinky out )