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ᴋɪss ❥ ᴀ ᴅᴇᴍɪsᴇxᴜᴀʟ ᴛʀᴀᴠᴇsᴛʏ

i continue to icon webcomics and anime no one gives a shit about and i'm at peace with that
( 584 ) requests for shiru, misc / requests for nata, never satisfied, one big ass pokemon picture, star ocean, stand still stay silent, tsuritama, plurk icons

watch us please!

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[personal profile] surskit 2015-07-04 09:59 pm (UTC)(link)
you are the most incredible person on this planet
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[personal profile] crimsonz 2015-07-04 10:14 pm (UTC)(link)
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PRETTY... i need to make a post
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[personal profile] nurseshark 2015-07-05 12:25 am (UTC)(link)
Snagging a bunch of Pokemon icons! <3
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[personal profile] chimp 2015-07-05 01:06 pm (UTC)(link)
much cuteness!