i have risen from the dead also sorry these are HELLA BAD

( 336 ) requests for stag and anticon, misc (snsd, snk eremin shit, bnk, alpaca dancing gayly, who knows), ygo zexal, super seisyun brothers

look inside for some crappola )
a stock icon isn't a stock icon unless it's bright and oversharpened
( 84 ) misc (homestuck, vocaloid, pokemon, hetalia, adventure time, stock, other shit, flyable heart, plurk shit)

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i've made like 900 icons since my last post but they're all rp icons no one but me cares about so have some shitty koreans and homestuck

( 42 ) Homestuck, Axis Powers Hetalia, Sailor Moon, Teahouse, Usagi Drop, Koreans

a sweet boys kiss like cherry jelly )
08 February 2012 @ 06:18 pm
【04】seri (달샤벳)
【10】starry sky
manga colourings, +1 plurk icon
44 total!
nsfw: boobies & sassy dead squirrels

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