20 January 2012 @ 02:15 am
【05】manga colouring requests
+26 icons; sengoku basara, durarara!!, hetalia, rosario to vampire, undergrand hotel
【09】tiger & bunny

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14 January 2012 @ 03:15 am

idk why anyone would watch us but thank you very much for encouraging our awful behaviour!!! we appreciate it!!!!!!!!! ヽ(´ー`)ノ

as a way to say thanks, i will be taking 5 manga colouring requests (reserves are okay??), rei will be taking layout suggestions (which she posts over at [community profile] fit), and kiss will be taking unlimited icon requests!!

all you have to do is comment on our specific thread with whatever we ask for in our forms and that's it!! thanks for watching us and we will do our best to make things that don't suck (but i don't promise anything)!!!

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