( 618 ) hunter x hunter, love live sunshine, owari no seraph

this is all super experimental and ugly, i'm sorry

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20 October 2016 @ 06:18 am
( 196 ) love live sunshine, yuri on ice

idk how i feel about an icon post with less than 200 icons
i was supposed to icon the owari no seraph manga but ps couldn't parse the files......

that hate crime is not my problem )
( 604 ) the first thing in the morning, houseki no kuni, hunter x hunter (all leorio), mob psycho 100, stand still. stay silent, yuri on ice, zestiria (all alisha)

how the fuck do you colour zestiria, i give up
also shout out to my homie [personal profile] bats @ [community profile] awkward for giving me a psd i basterdized

i'm not going to jodie foster this kind of behavior )
25 September 2016 @ 01:18 pm
howdy! recently herse got renamed:
i've also recently moved from using [personal profile] poland to [personal profile] jewelry! feel free to adjust your icon crediting if you like, but herse relinks to plastic so you don't have to change any text credits if you don't want to. xoxo
ICONS! ( 715 ) gay chinese web comic, fiestar (one more), love live, misc, stand still. stay silent, legendary girl utena, voltron legendary defender, tales of xillia
there are some duplicates and mistakes. but. i don't care.

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